Cornelia E van Meijeren

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Various in vitro preparations were compared with respect to their ability to mimic in vivo metabolism. For this purpose, S9-liver homogenate, microsomes, cryopreserved hepatocytes, cryopreserved liver slices and fresh liver, lung, kidney, and intestinal slices were incubated with three drugs in development, which are metabolized in vivo by a wide range of(More)
In order to develop an in vitro method for detecting residual pertussis toxin activity in acellular pertussis vaccines, the effects of in vivo pertussis toxin treatment on contraction and relaxation properties of isolated mouse trachea and of isolated rat small mesenteric resistance arteries were studied. In vivo pertussis toxin treatment (24 or 72(More)
Previous studies showed that pertussis toxin (PT) decreased agonist-induced contractions of isolated rat small mesenteric resistance arteries independently from endothelium, nitric oxide-synthase or intracellular calcium concentrations. In this study, it was investigated if the PT-induced decreased contractile properties of small mesenteric resistance(More)
Mechanisms were studied initially to develop an in vitro safety test for detecting pertussis toxin toxicity in acellular pertussis vaccines based on the histamine sensitisation test. Maximal contractions and sensitivities to different agonists and adrenoceptor-induced contractions in Ca2+-free medium of isolated rat small mesenteric resistance arteries were(More)
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