Cornelia C Götz

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UNLABELLED Teaching videotapes, developed to aid in the evaluation of several movement disorders, have not been used in essential tremor research. As part of the Washington Heights-Inwood Genetic Study of Essential Tremor (WHIGET), we developed a reliable and valid tremor rating scale. Because this rating scale is currently being used by investigators at(More)
Importance Chromosome 6p amplification is associated with more benign behavior for uveal melanomas (UMs) with an otherwise high risk of metastasis conferred by chromosome 3 monosomy. Chromosome 6p contains several members of the B7 family of immune regulator genes, including butyrophilin-like 2 (BTNL2; OMIM, 606000), which is associated with prostate cancer(More)
The effect of clonazepam on a behavioral model of increased whole brain serotonin activity was investigated. While clonazepam induces a moderate elevation of whole brain serotonin, the drug fails to potentiate or inhibit 5-hydroxytryptophan-induced stereotypy in young guinea pigs. These results suggest that despite drug induced alterations in serotonin(More)