Cornel Balint

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Dimensioning radio resources in GSM/GPRS networks is particularly important because of the presence of mixed traffic: voice and data. Appropriate models are required especially when the implemented resources allocation strategy is Partial Partitioning. In this paper we propose three mixed traffic models suitable for dimensioning cells using PP scheme. In(More)
GSM/(E)GPRS networks support a mixture of traffic consisting of voice and data. A key concept of dimensioning radio resources in such networks is represented by sharing resources between different users and different services. In this paper we address the problem of voice and data traffic models according to different resources allocations strategies: CP(More)
The sharing of resources between different users and different services is a key concept of radio resources dimensioning in GSM/GPRS networks. In this paper we present dimensioning rules based on traffic evaluation and quality of service level for GSM/GPRS users, focused on two radio resources allocation strategies: CP (Complete Partitioning) and PP(Partial(More)
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