Cormac Fay

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The cost of monitoring greenhouse gas emissions from landfill sites is of major concern for regulatory authorities. The current monitoring procedure is recognised as labour intensive, requiring agency inspectors to physically travel to perimeter borehole wells in rough terrain and manually measure gas concentration levels with expensive hand-held(More)
A feasibility study on a new technique capable of monitoring localized sweat rate is explored in this paper. Wearable devices commonly used in clinical practice for sweat sampling (i.e., Macroducts) were positioned on the body of an athlete whose sweat rate was then monitored during cycling sessions. The position at which the sweat fills the Macroduct was(More)
A wireless sensor network has been developed for the application of landfill gas monitoring, specifically sensing methane, carbon dioxide and extraction pressure. This collaborative work with the Irish Environmental Protection Agency has been motivated by the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as aiming to improve landfill gas management and(More)
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