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A set of stilbene-substituted octasilicates [p-RStil(x)Ph(8-x)SiO(1.5)](8) (R = H, Me, MeO, Cl, NMe(2) and x = 5.3-8) and [o-MeStilSiO(1.5)](8) were prepared. Model compounds were also prepared including the corner and half cages: [p-MeStilSi(OEt)(3)], [p-Me(2)NStilSi(OSiMe(3))(3)], and [p-Me(2)NStilSi(O)(OSiMe)](4). These compounds were characterized by(More)
transition from the laboratory to the real world in a host of applications that require a new approach to supporting the associated power, weight, and space constraints. Current computational platforms and programming paradigms derive from PC-based implementations of computer vision algorithms using conventional CPUs, GPUs, and high-bandwidth DRAMs using(More)
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