Corinne Ulrich

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BACKGROUND In the U.S., adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer have had less survival improvement than older or younger patients, a deficit that may be a result of delays in diagnosis in an age group with the lowest rates of health insurance. METHODS The relationship between health insurance status and the time from the onset of first(More)
During the last 50 years, the majority of improvements in survival in Americans with cancer have been noted in children and older adults and not in older adolescent and young adult (AYA) patients. When evaluated by 5-year age intervals, the increase in the 5-year relative survival rate in the United States during the 3 decades since 1975 has been lower for(More)
The general principles at the scene of the accident are the following: Soft tissue wounds are covered with local sterile compresses to stop bleeding and abandon contamination. In fracture or luxation of small joints immediate reposition by careful traction and splint-fixation in neutral position ist most important. The correct primary management of open(More)
The break with the demand for maximum rigidity of implant fixation of a traumatized unstable lower cervical spine is based on analysis and implementation of scientific and clinical data on the biomechanics of the native, the unstable and the implant-fixed spinal column. In view of these facts, recommendations for stabilization of the lower cervical spine(More)
A rise in intrafemoral pressure during the implantation of a cemented hip replacement seems to have been proven in experimental and clinical studies. The biological system of the femur equalizes this pressure by means of its venous drainage system, which is located at the linea aspera and distal metaphysis. The intravasation of bone marrow, fat and debris(More)
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