Corinne Tamagni

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BACKGROUND Studies examining the influence of duration of untreated psychosis (DUP) or duration of untreated illness (DUI) on cognition vary with regard to results and methods. This study is the first in this field to include an at risk mental state with later transition to psychosis (ARMS-T) sample and to analyse how the DUI relates to their cognitive(More)
Neurological soft signs (NSS) are more common in schizophrenic psychoses and in genetically high-risk individuals than in healthy controls. But nothing is known so far regarding individuals with a clinical at-risk mental state (ARMS). The goals of our study therefore were (a) to compare the NSS frequency in ARMS individuals to that of first-episode(More)
It is unclear yet whether cannabis use is a moderating or causal factor contributing to grey matter alterations in schizophrenia and the development of psychotic symptoms. We therefore systematically reviewed structural brain imaging and post mortem studies addressing the effects of cannabis use on brain structure in psychosis. Studies with schizophrenia(More)
Meta-analyses suggest that schizophrenia patients with a history of cannabis use have less impaired cognitive functioning compared to patients without cannabis use. The objective of this study was to assess the association between recency and frequency of cannabis use and cognitive functioning in at-risk mental state for psychosis (ARMS) and first episode(More)
As cannabis use is more frequent in patients with psychosis than in the general population and is known to be a risk factor for psychosis, the question arises whether cannabis contributes to recently detected brain volume reductions in schizophrenic psychoses. This study is the first to investigate how cannabis use is related to the cingulum volume, a brain(More)
BACKGROUND We have conducted various studies in Basel with the aim of improving the methods for the early detection of psychosis (Früherkennung von Psychosen, FePsy). METHODS From 1.3.2000 to 29.2.2004 234 individuals were screened using the Basel Screening Instrument for Psychosis (BSIP). 106 patients were identified as at risk for psychosis; out of(More)
INTRODUCTION Pituitary enlargement has been reported in individuals with schizophrenic psychosis or an at-risk mental state for psychosis (ARMS). In a previous study, our group could show pituitary volume increase in first episode and ARMS patients with later transition to psychosis (ARMS-T). However, there are no longitudinal studies on this issue so far.(More)
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