Corinne Ritter

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A sample of 192 financially impoverished, inner-city women was assessed for clinical depression twice during pregnancy and once postpartum. At the first and second antepartum interviews, respectively, 27.6% and 24.5% of the women were depressed, controlling for pregnancy-related somatic symptoms. Postpartum depression was found among 23.4% of women. These(More)
The authors examined the prospective influence of stress, self-esteem, and social support on the postpartum depressive symptoms of 191 inner-city women (139 European Americans and 52 African Americans) over 3 waves of data collection. Depressive symptomatology was measured by multiple indicators, including self-report and clinical scales. Women became less(More)
The authors examined how men's underestimation of the stress that their pregnant female partners reported influenced women's psychological distress and their sense that they were not supported. Participants included 68 pregnant inner-city women and their partners, among whom African Americans and European Americans were represented. Women who reported a(More)
We examined the influence of stress, intimate support and marital status on postpartum depression among 189 African American and European American, inner-city women. We selected women in three common categories: (1) married, (2) cohabitating with partner, and (3) romantically involved, but not cohabitating. Women were interviewed on two occasions during(More)
This study was conducted to investigate the impact of deployment on the psychological health status, level of alcohol consumption, and use of psychological health resources of postdeployed Army Reserve (AR) soldiers. Data were collected from 51,078 postdeployed AR soldiers via DD Form 2900 to detect existing psychological and medical issues. As predicted,(More)
The relationship of weight and self-esteem to depressive symptomatology was examined among 36 African American and 96 European American pregnant inner-city women. Lower self-esteem and higher deviations from medically ideal weight predicted increased dysphoria during the 3rd trimester for European American women, but only lower self-esteem predicted(More)
Data on self-reported symptoms collected in the East Baltimore site of the Epidemiologic Catchment Area Program are analysed in parallel fashion for the two syndromes of anxiety and depression. Patterns of relationships of anxiety and depression to sociodemographic factors, prior psychopathology, and life events fail markedly to distinguish the two(More)
AIMS To describe the self-reported routes of administration of illicit drugs among subjects entering a remand prison and the different drugs used by this population. METHODS A cross-sectional study, with a sample of 770 subjects, was conducted in Geneva (Switzerland). Participants were assessed with the semi-structured interview from the Council of Europe(More)
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