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This paper presents an overview of the development of water quality objectives (water quality guidelines for local waterways), and water quality targets to protect waterways draining to the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). The Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area is the world’s largest World Heritage Area, and contains the largest single collection of coral(More)
Urban areas present highly complex radiation environments; with small scale features resulting from different construction materials, topographic effects and potential anthropogenic inputs from past industrial activity or other sources. Mapping of the radiation fields in urban areas allows a detailed assessment of exposure pathways for the people who live(More)
Exploring the effects of solar eclipses on radio wave propagation has been an active area of research since the first experiments conducted in 1912. In the first few decades of ionospheric physics, researchers started to explore the natural laboratory of the upper atmosphere. Solar eclipses offered a rare opportunity to undertake an active experiment. The(More)
This study presents a unique procedure for determining the critical duration and temporal summation function. With this procedure, duration as a parameter was used to determine the temporal summation characteristics of ten normal ears. An apparatus was constructed that permitted subjects to track threshold by modulating the burst width of a brief tonal(More)
The use of high voltage (HV) electrodes in vacuum is commonplace in physics laboratories. In such systems, it has long been known that electron emission from an HV cathode can lead to bremsstrahlung x rays; indeed, this is the basic principle behind the operation of standard x-ray sources. However, in laboratory setups where x-ray production is not the goal(More)
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