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A hybrid rendering method (color-coded 3D shaded-surface and volume display) with the possibility of virtual endoscopy using image data sets from HR-SCT was developed. To show the possible advantages and benefits of the improved rendering algorithm we have specifically highlighted the use in relation to the auditory and vestibular system. Postprocessing(More)
R. Martin and colleagues have proposed separate stores for the maintenance of phonological and semantic information in short-term memory. Evidence from patients with aphasia has shown that damage to these separable buffers has specific consequences for language comprehension and production, suggesting an interdependence between language and memory systems.(More)
BACKGROUND: Previous research has suggested separable short-term memory (STM) buffers for the maintenance of phonological and lexical-semantic information, as some patients with aphasia show better ability to retain semantic than phonological information and others show the reverse. Recently, researchers have proposed that deficits to the maintenance of(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to demonstrate on a complex anatomical structure the possibilities and the advantages of a superimposition of a color-coded surface and volume rendering (hybrid rendering) method with the possibility of the performance of a virtual endoscopy. MATERIAL AND METHOD In 6 patients with cochlear implants a high-resolution(More)
Studies were conducted to examine whether an experimental additive solution (EAS-2) containing, in mM: 20 NH4Cl, 30 Na2HPO4, 2 adenine, 110 dextrose, 55 mannitol, pH 7.15, would be useful to extend the storage shelf life of human RBCs. With 6 pairs of split units, ATP concentrations were better maintained for 12 weeks with EAS-2 than with Adsol (1.8 vs. 1.1(More)
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