Corinne Lucet

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In this paper, we present and compare some exact methods to resolve the network reliability problems. These problems concern all kinds of networks, such as computer, communication or power networks. When components of the network are subject to random failures, the network may or may not continue functioning after the failures of some components. The(More)
In this paper, we propose an algorithm based on Binary Decision Diagram (BDD) for computing all-terminal reliability. It is defined as the probability that the nodes in the network can communicate to each other, taking into account the possible failures of network links. The effectiveness of this approach is demonstrated by performing experiments on several(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for computing the K-terminal reliability of undirected networks, i.e. the probability that a given set of vertices in the network are connected. when edges and nodes fail independently with known probabilities. This algorithm is based on a decomposition method introduced by Rosenthal. It consists in numbering the vertices of(More)
We are interested in the graph coloring problem.We propose an exact method based on a linear-decomposition of the graph. The complexity of this method is exponential according to the linearwidth of the entry graph, but linear according to its number of vertices. We present some experiments performed on literature instances, among which COLOR02 library(More)
This paper presents a decomposition method for computing the 2-edge-connected reliability of undirected networks. This reliability is defined as the probability that all the vertices of a given graph G are 2-edge-connected, when edges fail independently with known probabilities. The principle of this method was introduced by Rosenthal in 1977 [1]. For the(More)
We have studied a realistic case of scheduling problem in a customer contact center, dealing with multiskill agents. Our model combines the last two steps of the standard approach by determining shifts and by assigning them to agents at the same time (scheduling and rostering). Moreover, we have considered realistic vacations, according to legal constraints(More)