Corinne Lampin-Maillet

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Every year, more than 50,000 wildland fires affect about 500,000ha of vegetation in southern European countries, particularly in wildland-urban interfaces (WUI). This paper presents a method to characterize and map WUIs at large scales and over large areas for wildland fire prevention in the South of France. Based on the combination of four types of(More)
Wildfires are considered the most important disturbance in the Mediterranean Basin, and some are propagated over long distances due to lift-off and ignition of firebrands. To improve our knowledge of firebrands involved in spotting fires, flammability characteristics of eight types of firebrands commonly generated by wildfires in Southern Europe were(More)
In a context of risk of forest fire, the development of actions concerning wildfire prevention and land management is necessary and essential particularly in wildland urban interfaces (WUI). The term ‘WUI’ always includes components such as human presence and wildland vegetation. Both the hazard (probability of fire outbreak, distribution) and the(More)
Running head title: 1 Spot fires: Fuel bed flammability and ignition capability of firebrands 2 Anne Ganteaume ; Corinne Lampin-Maillet, Mercedes Guijarro, Carmen Hernando , Marielle Jappiot; 3 Teresa Fonturbel, Pedro Pérez-Gorostiaga and José A. Vega 4 5 : Cemagref UR EMAX, 3275 Route de Cézanne, CS 40061, 13182 Aix-en-Provence, France 6 : Centro de(More)
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