Corinne Henriquès

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PURPOSE To determine the efficacy and tolerance of ultrasonography (US)-guided percutaneous radiofrequency (RF) ablation with endocrine therapy in elderly patients with breast cancer who decline or are not candidates for surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS Internal ethics committee approval was obtained, and patients gave informed written consent. Women older(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to characterize changes in left ventricular morphology and function by conventional echocardiography in a pediatric population after renal transplantation (RT). MATERIAL AND METHODS This study includes 21 children, 11 female and 10 male, aged 11.8 +/-2.6 years at the time of renal transplantation. Eleven were on regular(More)
T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) is a biologically heterogeneous disease with respect to phenotype, gene expression profile and activation of particular intracellular signaling pathways. Despite very significant improvements, current therapeutic regimens still fail to cure a portion of the patients and frequently implicate the use of aggressive(More)
Stereotactically-guided procedures for diagnosis of breast lesions can avoid a lot of surgical biopsies. Stereotactic guidance is used for vacuum-assisted core biopsies and for stereotactic breast biopsies. Technical details of the procedures are described, and the benefits and the limits of these methods are discussed. Indications for breast sampling are(More)
The purpose of the present study was to determine biochemical parameters of folate uptake, and the putative contribution of the membrane-anchored folate receptor in microvillous membrane vesicles obtained from the syncytiotrophoblast of human term placenta. Uptake of [3H]-pteroylglutamic acid (PGA) by microvillous membrane vesicles was pH dependent with a(More)
Information takes a large part of patient's perceptions of the procedure. If the information is adapted, patients tolerate the procedure well. We point out indications and explain the different types of procedure. For infraclinical masses, sonographically guided automated core needle biopsy removes samples. Sonographically guided vacuum-assisted large-core(More)
Erectile dysfunction is experienced by 50% of men with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and uremia. The origin of this dysfunction is multifactorial. The aim of this study was to compare living donor versus cadaveric donor transplant recipients regarding male sexual function. Seventy-seven sexually active male kidney transplant recipients (44 from living(More)