Corinne H Stoop

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BACKGROUND Depression and anxiety are common in people with a chronic somatic disease. Although guidelines recommend stepped care, the effectiveness of this approach has not been evaluated in people with diabetes, asthma, or COPD in primary care. METHODS 3559 People were sent screening questionnaires (41% response). Of 286 persons with anxiety and/or(More)
BACKGROUND Depression and anxiety are common co-morbid health problems in patients with type 2 diabetes. Both depression and anxiety are associated with poor glycaemic control and increased risk of poor vascular outcomes and higher mortality rates. Results of previous studies have shown that in clinical practice, treatment of depression and anxiety is far(More)
AIMS This study investigated (factors related to) (a) the response to a screening procedure for depression and anxiety in people with type 2 diabetes in primary care, and (b) participation in a subsequent randomised controlled trial targeting depressive or anxiety symptoms. METHODS People with type 2 diabetes (n=1837) received a screening questionnaire(More)
BACKGROUND Comorbid depression in diabetes is highly prevalent, negatively impacting well-being and diabetes control. How depression in diabetes is best treated is unknown. OBJECTIVE This systematic review and meta-analysis aims to establish the effectiveness of existing anti-depressant therapies in diabetes. METHODS DATA SOURCES PubMed, Psycinfo,(More)
AIMS To compare levels of diabetes distress in people with Type 2 diabetes treated in primary and secondary care and to examine demographic and clinical correlates that may explain potential differences in levels of distress between care settings. METHODS People with Type 2 diabetes from 24 primary care practices (n = 774) and three secondary care clinics(More)
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