Corinne Grosse

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Membrane potentials induced by external alternating fields are usually derived assuming that the membrane is insulating, that the cell has no surface conductance, and that the potentials are everywhere solutions of the Laplace equation. This traditional approach is reexamined taking into account membrane conductance, surface admittance, and space charge(More)
In this paper, we present a tool that detects business errors in technical documents such as procedures or requirements. The objective is to improve readability and to check for some elements of contents so that risks that could be entailed by misunderstandings or typos can be prevented. Based on a cognitive ergonomics analysis, we survey a number of(More)
This short paper relates the main features of LELIE, phase 1, which detects errors made by technical writers when producing procedures or requirements. This results from ergonomic observations of technical writers in various companies. The main goal of the LELIE project is to produce an analysis and a piece of software based on language processing and(More)
This communication concerns an intervention in a distributed team of a computer science enterprise. Its objective was to prevent misunderstandings that can occur within the collective. We are interested to misunderstandings related to the design meetings, and the meeting's minutes associated as memories of meetings and as a way to prevent misunderstandings.(More)
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