Corinne Grenier

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The article examines the process of innovation and knowledge sharing from a perspective that focuses on the influence that local circumstances can have. In particular, it looks at the problems of knowledge sharing between groups of professionals. It presents a comparative analysis of two studies, one involving two groups of IT professionals; the other a(More)
After three years, the coordination de la mesure de la performance pour l'amélioration de la qualité hospitalière (COMPAQH) project can deliver its first findings and consider new perspectives of development. Which indicators are diffused? Under which criteria are they assessed? Which interhospital variability is observed? How to consider their application(More)
RESEARCH QUESTION We are looking at the process of structuring an integrated care system as an innovative process that swings back and forth between the diversity of the actors involved, local aspirations and national and regional regulations. We believe that innovation is enriched by the variety of the actors involved, but may also be blocked or disrupted(More)
Both managerial, economic and competitive concerns in corporate practices as well as questions raised about the production of applied sciences explain the development of the vast field of research relating to sciences and the process of design which has emerged over the last ten years. The design process is complex and depends on knowledge mobilized by(More)
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