Corinne E. Jordan

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Presented herein is a case report of a laparoscopic gastric electrical stimulator implantation for drug-refractory gastroparesis. Technical aspects of the procedure, as well as a review of the existing literature, are discussed. Gastric electrical stimulation offers a new alternative for the treatment of drug-refractory gastroparesis.
We discuss our experience with evaluation of 167 children by auditory brainstem response audiometry in 1978. We summarize experience with referral sources, medication for sedation, and interpretation of test outcome. Medication for sedation was required for 136 children. Concommitant central nervous system involvement rendered auditory brainstem response(More)
Previous anatomic and physiologic studies suggest brainstem dysfunction in cranial-cervical dystonia. To further explore this, we studied suprathreshold acoustic reflex waveforms in 15 such patients. A unique feature of this technique is its ability to reject movement artifacts before averaging the acoustic reflex waveforms. Thirteen patients (87%) showed(More)
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