Corinna Pietsch

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BACKGROUND Efforts to reduce the impact of group A rotaviruses on human morbidity and mortality rely on oral immunisation with live attenuated or recombinant vaccines. A major challenge in immunisation is the vast inter- and intragenotypic diversity accomplished by circulating rotaviruses. OBJECTIVES To monitor rotavirus inter- and intragenotypic(More)
The majority of human group A rotaviruses possess the P[8] VP4 genotype. Recently, a genetically distinct subtype of the P[8] genotype, also known as OP354-like P[8] or lineage P[8]-4, emerged in several countries. However, it is unclear for how long the OP354-like P[8] gene has been circulating in humans and how it has spread. In a global collaborative(More)
A rare G8P[4] rotavirus, designated GER1H-09, was detected in a stool sample from an infant suffering from repeated episodes of emesis for 2 days without diarrhea. Sequencing of all genomic RNA segments was performed, and complete coding sequences were determined. The VP7 amino acid sequence revealed a close phylogenetic relationship to human G8P[6] and(More)
The prevalence of different genotypes of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Ethiopia is not known. HCV genotypes influence the response to therapy with alpha-interferon alone or in combination with ribavirin. A cross sectional study was conducted on attendees of voluntary counseling and testing center. Serum samples from 1,954 (734 HIV positive and 1,220 HIV(More)
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