Corinna Kraft

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BACKGROUND Isolated limb perfusion (TM-ILP) is an effective limb-sparing treatment for primarily nonresectable soft tissue sarcomas (STS). Surgical margins of STS after ILP were yet not systematically studied. METHODS In 47 patients with nonresectable STS, TM-ILP with subsequent tumor resection was performed. Surgical margins were systematically analyzed(More)
A rapid ultrafiltration technique was used to measure the free (unbound) fraction of disopyramide in serum obtained from 14 normal volunteers, 6 chronic hemodialysis patients, and 10 renal transplant recipients. The disopyramide-free fraction varied more than tenfold at a corresponding total (free plus bound) serum disopyramide concentration of 3(More)
BACKGROUND Isolated limb perfusion (TM-ILP) achieves high response rates in soft tissue sarcomas (STS). Some tumors show an insufficient association between radiological and pathological response. We investigated STS after TM-ILP with a primary emphasis on histologic regression patterns. METHODS In 53 patients with STS, TM-ILP with subsequent tumor(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment of femoral shaft fractures has increasingly become a domain of surgical therapy. On the one hand the possibilities of spontaneous correction of shaft axis deviation and rotation are limited and on the other hand leg length differences are often observed as a result of shaft fractures, which can lead to relevant consequences for(More)
Theophylline concentrations in spiked human serum and serum specimens obtained from patients with normal and impaired renal function were measured by fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPIA) using a mouse monoclonal antitheophylline antibody. The interday coefficients of variation of the assay after 14 days were 4.2, 3.3, and 2.4% at serum theophylline(More)
PemberSal-Osteotomie zur Verbesserung der Hüftkopfüberdachung durch Schwenkung des Azetabulumdachs nach vorne und lateral. Herbeiführung/Verbesserung der Hüftkopfüberdachung, auch in Kombination mit weiteren Maßnahmen wie der intertrochantären varisierenden derotierenden Osteotomie des proximalen Femur und der offenen Hüftreposition bei einer Hüftluxation(More)
OBJECTIVE PemberSal osteotomy to improve femoral head coverage by rotating the acetabular roof ventrally and laterally. INDICATIONS Insufficient coverage of the femoral head, and can be combined with other surgical procedures such as femoral intertrochanteric varus-derotation osteotomy and open reduction for developmental dysplasia and dislocation of the(More)
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