Corinna Hoose

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Formation of cirrus clouds depends on the availability of ice nuclei to begin condensation of atmospheric water vapor. Although it is known that only a small fraction of atmospheric aerosols are efficient ice nuclei, the critical ingredients that make those aerosols so effective have not been established. We have determined in situ the composition of the(More)
The probability of homogeneous ice nucleation under a set of ambient conditions can be described by nucleation rates using the theoretical framework of Classical Nucleation Theory (CNT). This framework consists of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters, of which three are not well-defined (namely the interfacial tension between ice and water, the activation(More)
This is a report on 912 patients treated during 1973 to 1979 for pulmonary tuberculosis and/or extrapulmonary organ involvement. These patients had been treated with a fixed tablet combination of isoniacide, prothionamide and diaphenyl sulfone in association with rifampicin and partly other substances. It was the aim of our study to examine this form of(More)
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