Corinna Eichelser

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In this study, we compared the blood serum levels of circulating cell-free and exosomal microRNAs, and their involvement in the molecular subtypes of breast cancer patients. Our analyses on cell-free miR-101, miR-372 and miR-373 were performed in preoperative blood serum of 168 patients with invasive breast cancer, 19 patients with benign breast diseases(More)
Purpose: LOH on circulating DNA may provide tumor-specific information on breast cancer. As identification of LOH on cell-free DNA is impeded by the prevalence of wild type DNA in blood of cancer patients, we fractionated plasma DNA, and determined the diagnostic and prognostic value of both fractions. Experimental design: Our cohort of 388 patients with(More)
As cancer-testis MAGE-A antigens are targets for tumor immunotherapy, it is important to study the regulation of their expression in cancers. This regulation appears to be rather complex and at the moment controversial. Although it is generally accepted that MAGE-A expression is controlled by epigenetics, the exact mechanisms of that control remain poorly(More)
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