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Naturally occurring organic sulfur compounds (OSCs), such as linear allylsulfides from Allium species, are attracting attention in cancer research, since several OSCs were shown to act beneficially both in chemoprevention and in chemotherapy, while hardly exerting any harmful side effects. Hence, we investigated the possible role of different OSCs in the(More)
Garlic-derived organo sulphur compounds such as diallylsulfides provide a significant protection against carcinogenesis. Chemically synthesized, and highly pure diallylsulfides with a chain of 1-4 sulphur atoms, as well as a range of control compounds, were employed to investigate the influence of these agents on cell viability, cell cycle arrest and(More)
cdc25C is a phosphatase which regulates the activity of the mitosis promoting factor cyclin B/cdk1 by dephosphorylation, thus triggering G(2)/M transition. The activity and the sub-cellular localisation of cdc25C are regulated by phosphorylation. It is well accepted that cdc25C has to enter the nucleus to activate the cyclin B/cdk1 complex at G(2)/M(More)
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