Corina Cipu

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UNLABELLED A P system represents a distributed and parallel bio-inspired computing model in which basic data structures are multi-sets or strings. Numerical P systems have been recently introduced and they use numerical variables and local programs (or evolution rules), usually in a deterministic way. They may find interesting applications in areas such as(More)
Our paper studies the soliton Tzitzeica PDE and soliton sineGordon PDE. Section 1 poves that Tzitzeica solitons are expressed either by elliptic integrals or in parametric forms. Section 2 shows that the Tzitzeica soliton PDE and the sine-Gordon PDE are generated respectively by a flow and an appropriate Lorentzian metric. Section 3 introduces and studied a(More)
The numerical reconstruction of the missing Dirichlet and Neumann data on an inaccessible part of the boundary in the case of twoand three-dimensional linear isotropic elastic materials from the knowledge of over-prescribed noisy measurements taken on the remaining accessible boundary part is investigated. This inverse problem is solved using the method of(More)
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