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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to determine whether measurement of reticulated platelets (RP) by flow cytometry directly from whole blood, with no fixation or manipulation, is as useful a thrombocytopoietic marker as other more complex techniques. METHODS RP percentage was prospectively assessed in thrombocytopenic patients (platelets <100x10(9)/L)(More)
This paper focuses on cooperative games with transferable utility. We propose the computation of two solutions, the Shapley value for n agents, the nucleolus with a maximum of four agents and the per capita nucleolus. The current approach is also focused on conflicting claims problems, a particular case of coalitional games. We provide the computation of(More)
Various studies performed in chronic alcoholic patients have demonstrated immunologic alterations, which have been described more often in patients with alcoholic hepatitis or liver cirrhosis. We have observed that the serum of some patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis produces the inhibition of E rosette formation by T lymphocytes. This observation(More)
Despite global environmental governance has traditionally couched global warming in terms of annual CO2 emissions (a flow), global mean temperature is actually determined by cumulative CO2 emissions in the atmosphere (a stock). Thanks to advances of scientific community, nowadays it is possible to quantify the “global carbon budget”, that is, the amount of(More)
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