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I consists of an outline of prominent early potato shipping districts. In Fig. 4 the author shows date of movement and carlot volume of states producing early potatoes. In summarizing his conclusions the author says the yearly shipments of early potatoes are 40,000 carloads worth some $30,000,000. Prompt, quick, and careful handling is thought to be the(More)
Introduction There were several stand-alone vector surveillance applications being used by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to support the reporting of mosquito, bird, and mammal surveillance and infection information implemented in early 2000s in response to West Nile virus. In subsequent years, the Electronic Clinical Laboratory Reporting(More)
gap, as in 1925. Maine and the Nor th Central region account for mos t of the seasonal decrease, Minnesota alone running 3,000 cars behind. Dur ing the first full week of October , all the leading States except Wiscons in shipped considerably more cars than dur ing the same week in 1925. Maine and Minnesota ranked first, with about 1,500 cars each. Colorado(More)
tion in Wisconsin this season is below normal; this fact, coupled with low prices, makes a rather discouraging outlook for the grower. There is some consolation, however, in the fact that on December 15, 1922, bulk stock was selling at shipping point for 30 to 40 cents per cwt., whereas on Dec. 15, 1923, the same brought from 50 to 70 cents per cwt.mW.(More)
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