Corey Shreffler

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We have been studying sensitization of psychostimulant-induced stereotyped behavior in mice using both single and multiple pretreatment paradigms. In the present study, we tested whether NMDA receptor antagonists and an inhibitor of nitric oxide synthesis inhibit expression of sensitization in either of these models. Male CF-1 mice were pretreated with a(More)
The five H-2t haplotypes are all intra-H-2 recombinants which have identical K and D regions, but differ in the central regions of the complex. Analyses of H-2, Ia and Ss-Slp types indicate that the crossover in H-2t1 took place between the K and I regions, in the H-2t2 between G and D, in H-2t3 and H-2t4 between the I-B and I-C subregions and in H-2t5(More)
Taste receptor cells utilize the cAMP and other second messenger systems in transducing sweet and bitter stimuli into physiological responses. However, long-term consequences of taste stimulation, such as gene expression, are unknown. We investigated the presence of cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB), a stimulus-induced transcription factor, in(More)
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