Corey Pennycuff

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Discovering the underlying structures present in large real world graphs is a fundamental scienti€c problem. Recent work at the intersection of formal language theory and graph theory has found that a Hyperedge Replacement Grammar (HRG) can be extracted from a tree decomposition of any graph. Œis HRG can be used to generate new graphs that share properties(More)
As crowd-sourced curation of news and information become the norm, it is important to understand not only how individuals consume information through social news Web sites, but also how they contribute to their ranking systems. In the present work, we introduce and make available a new dataset containing the activity logs that recorded all activity for 309(More)
Patterns often appear in a variety of large, real-world networks, and interesting physical phenomena are often explained by network topology as in the case of the bow-tie structure of the World Wide Web, or the small-world phenomenon in social networks. The discovery and modeling of such regular patterns has a wide application from disease propagation to(More)
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