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The use of arthrodesis to salvage failed total knee arthroplasty is reviewed in nine patients. Prosthetic failure was due to infection in six cases, aseptic loosening in two cases, and instability in one case. The techniques of arthrodesis included six Hoffman external fixators, two fluted intramedullary rods (3M-Orthopedic Products Division, St Paul), and(More)
A 17-year-old boy had low back pain for four months prior to the development of sacral osteomyelitis, which led to the initial diagnosis of Crohn's disease. Musculoskeletal problems occur in about one-third of the patients with Crohn's disease. Only a few patients with osteomyelitis complicating Crohn's disease have been reported. This case is rare because(More)
In a retrospective study of total hip replacement (THR) arthroplasty in patients with renal transplants, femoral head avascular necrosis (AVN) was found in 19 of 138 (15%) patients. Nine THRs in eight of these 19 patients (average age, 47 years) were studied. Preoperatively, all patients had hip pain due to AVN and a history of long-term treatment with(More)
The use of a primary prosthetic replacement such as an Austin-Moore hemi-arthroplasty in patients sustaining fractures of the femoral neck has been associated with increased post-operative medical morbidity and mortality. A retrospective review was performed using the medical records of patients greater than 59 years of age who sustained femoral neck(More)
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• At least 45 million people in the US report sensitivity to various chemicals. 1 • About 3 million Americans are diagnosed with MCS. 1 • MCS affects people of all ages, economic status, race, and both genders. 1 • Chemicals that people with MCS react to are toxic and affect everyone to some extent. Medical Findings • Brain scans show reduced blood flow to(More)
211 Background: Bone and soft tissue sarcomas are relatively uncommon and their management is extremely complex requiring coordinated multidisciplinary expertise for optimal care. Because Kaiser Permanente operates across many geographic regions in the country, in-person tumor board is not practical. METHODS The Kaiser Permanente Northern California(More)
Loosening of the acetabular cup component in total hip arthroplasty (THA) remains a source of ongoing concern. Threaded cup acetabuloplasty (TCA) utilizes torque and compression to gain purchase of the acetabular cup into the bony margin of the acetabulum. In an earlier study of 121 patients who had THA with TCA, patient assessments and roentgenograms were(More)
This unusual case of trauma depicts a 17-year-old female who had a history of chronic synovitis of her left knee for several months. The patient demonstrated persistent knee effusion despite treatment of several physicians. Failure of the left knee to respond to several surgical procedures, as well as the finding of numerous foreign bodies not present(More)
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