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Cells comprising a tissue migrate as part of a collective. How collective processes are coordinated over large multi-cellular assemblies has remained unclear, however, because mechanical stresses exerted at cell-cell junctions have not been accessible experimentally. We report here maps of these stresses within and between cells comprising a monolayer.(More)
From coffee beans flowing in a chute to cells remodelling in a living tissue, a wide variety of close-packed collective systems-both inert and living-have the potential to jam. The collective can sometimes flow like a fluid or jam and rigidify like a solid. The unjammed-to-jammed transition remains poorly understood, however, and structural properties(More)
The boundary between a constituent cell and its immediate neighbors comprises cell-cell junctions and cryptic lamellipodia 7 , but the state of local mechanical stress exerted at that boundary has not been accessible experimentally. As such it is not clear how collective mechanical processes could be coordinated over length scales spanning large(More)
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