Corey Hardin

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Cells comprising a tissue migrate as part of a collective. How collective processes are coordinated over large multi-cellular assemblies has remained unclear, however, because mechanical stresses exerted at cell-cell junctions have not been accessible experimentally. We report here maps of these stresses within and between cells comprising a monolayer.(More)
A key feature of all inflammatory processes is disruption of the vascular endothelial barrier. Such disruption is initiated in part through active contraction of the cytoskeleton of the endothelial cell (EC). Because contractile forces are propagated from cell to cell across a great many cell-cell junctions, this contractile process is strongly cooperative(More)
From coffee beans flowing in a chute to cells remodelling in a living tissue, a wide variety of close-packed collective systems-both inert and living-have the potential to jam. The collective can sometimes flow like a fluid or jam and rigidify like a solid. The unjammed-to-jammed transition remains poorly understood, however, and structural properties(More)
Rho kinase mediates the effects of inflammatory permeability factors by increasing actomyosin-generated traction forces on endothelial adherens junctions, resulting in disassembly of intercellular junctions and increased vascular leakage. In vitro, this is accompanied by the Rho kinase-driven formation of prominent radial F-actin fibers, but the in vivo(More)
Endothelial cell alignment along the direction of laminar fluid flow is widely understood to be a defining morphological feature of vascular homeostasis. While the role of associated signaling and structural events have been well studied, associated intercellular stresses under laminar fluid shear have remained ill-defined and the role of these stresses in(More)
The principal constituent of the living cell is water. The role of the hydration shell and bulk H(2)O solvent is well recognized in the dynamics of isolated proteins, but the role of water in the dynamics of the integrated living cytoskeleton (CSK) remains obscure. Here we report a direct connection of dynamics of water to dynamics of the integrated CSK.(More)
I n understanding real estate, as we all know, the preeminent notion is location. Location is foremost mainly because real estate can be so heterogeneous spatially. From one city to the next or from one neighborhood to the next, as well as from one street to the next or even from one house to the next, the desirability and the price of real estate can vary(More)
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