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This paper presents methods and applications of sheet insertion in a hexahedral mesh. A hexahedral sheet is dual to a layer of hexahedra in a hexahedral mesh. Because of symmetries within a hexahedral element, every hexahedral mesh can be viewed as a collection of these sheets. It is possible to insert new sheets into an existing mesh, and these new sheets(More)
Solid assembly meshing has all of the same " dirty geometry " induced issues as single part meshing but also has the difficulty associated with generating a confor-mal mesh between solids where solid-solid interfaces are not obvious. Mesh generators usually don't have CAD assembly constraint information to identify interfacing solids and must therefore rely(More)
The Immersive Topology Environment for Meshing (ITEM) is a wizard-like environment, built on top of the CUBIT Geometry and Meshing Toolkit. ITEM is focused on three main objectives: 1) guiding the user through the simulation model preparation workflow; 2) providing the user with intelligent options based upon the current state of the model; and 3) where(More)
In this work we provide a template-based approach for generating locally refined all-hex meshes. We focus specifically on refinement of initially structured grids utilizing a 2-refinement approach where uniformly refined hexes are subdivided into eight child elements. The refinement algorithm consists of identifying marked nodes that are used as the basis(More)
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