Corey A. Harper

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(DHHS). As with many governmental organizations, the NIEHS website contains a rich and growing body of important resources for both employees and the general public. The NIEHS library has spearheaded an organization-wide metadata project to provide better access to these resources. Dublin Core was elected for the NIEHS metadata project because it supports(More)
The PHENIX experiment has measured open heavy-flavor production via semileptonic decay over the transverse momentum range 1 < p(T) < 6  GeV/c at forward and backward rapidity (1.4 < |y| < 2.0) in d+Au and p + p collisions at √sNN = 200  GeV. In central d+Au collisions, relative to the yield in p + p collisions scaled by the number of binary nucleon-nucleon(More)
University. My gratitude also goes to the staff of the CEE department, who provides their service to facilitate all aspects of my life here. In particular, I want to thank Andrea Rooney, Cornelia Moore, and Maxine Leffard for kindly offering help when it is needed. I want to acknowledge my colleagues and friends at Carnegie Mellon University for creating a(More)
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