Cordell Green

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This paper shows how an extension of the resolution proof procedure can be used to construct problem solutions. The extended proof procedure can solve problems involving state transformations. The paper explores several al ternate problem representations and provides a discussion of solutions to sample problems including the "Monkey and Bananas " puzzle and(More)
We present a constructive approach to correctness and exemplify it by describing a generator for certified Java Card applets that we are building. A proof of full functional correctness is generated, along with the code, from the specification; the proof can be independently checked by a simple proof checker, so that the larger and more complex generator(More)
  • Victor R Basili, Mr Laszlo Belady, Belady Enterprises, Barry Boehm, Richard Demillo, I Stuart +6 others
  • 2002
Executive Summary In August 1998 the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) submitted an Interim Report emphasizing the importance of sottw~se l:o the nation and calling for a significant new federal investment in software researck ~ An NSF workshop subsequently brought together representatives of a broad segment of the software(More)
The 1983 KBSA (Knowledge-Based Software Assistant) report led to the founding of the KBSE (Knowledge-Based Software Engineering conference series. The KBSE conference then changed into the ASE conference in 1997. And this year marks the 25th anniversary of the conference series. As an author of the KBSA report I was invited to talk here about the report(More)
This paper presents a body of program synthesis knowledge dealing with array operations, space reutilization, the divide and conquer paradigm, conversion from recursive paradigms to iterative paradigms, and ordered set enumerations. Such knowledge can be used for the synthesis of efficient and in-place sorts including quicksort, mergesort, sinking sort, and(More)
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