Coralie Petermann

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This paper describes the Collaborative Social and Medical Services System, a robust information infrastructure for integrated social and medical care. The Collaborative Social and Medical Services System design and architecture address the primary goals of creating a readily extensible social and ambulatory care system. Our initial step toward reaching this(More)
A lot of algorithms in communities detection have been proposed particularly for undirected networks. As methods to find communities in directed networks are few, our contribution is to propose a method based on strongly and unilaterally connected components, and more specifically on strongly p-connected components in directed graphs. The result is a(More)
This paper presents the development of the Collaborative Social and Medical Services System's (CSMSS) data security mechanism. This mechanism was synthesized from an analysis of the CSMSS problem domain, and from a study of the methods used by modern operating systems and database management systems. The resulting mechanism is more flexible and expressive(More)
With urging problem of energy and pollution, smart grid is becoming ever important. By gradually changing the actual power grid system, smart grid may evolve into different systems by means of size, elements and strategies, but its fundamental requirements and objectives will not change such as optimizing production, transmission and consumption. Studying(More)
RÉSUMÉ Nous décrivons l'approche mise en oeuvre dans le cadre du Défi de Fouille de Texte 2012 pour la piste 1 qui consistait à identifier, pour un article scientifique et son résumé donnés, la liste des mots clés qui lui correspondent parmi un ensemble de mot clés possibles. Cette approche est basée sur le couplage entre les méthodes d'espaces sémantiques(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a client application for the Baylor College of Medicine Teen Health Clinics. The application is the front end to the Collaborative Social and Medical Services System (CSMSS) under development by Baylor's Medical Informatics and Computing Research Program [8]. The application provides distributed access(More)
We have developed an architecture and application framework known as the Ambulatory Services Architecture (ASA) for computerized management of patient records for ambulatory care. Our primary design goals included the development of an architecture that will be readily adaptable to advances in technology needed to enhance computerized patient record systems(More)
In any medical and social service setting, patient data must be readily shared among multiple providers for delivery of expeditious, quality care. This paper describes the development and implementation of a generalized social and medical services data model for an ambulatory population. The model, part of the Collaborative Social and Medical Services(More)