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The aim of the present study was to determine the time sustained near VO2max in two interval training (IT) swimming sessions comprising 4x400 m (IT(4x400)) or 16x100 (IT(16xl00)). Elite swimmers (Mean+/-SD age 18+/-2 yrs; body mass 66.9+/-6.5 kg: swim VO2max 55.7+/-5.8 ml.kg(-1).min(-1)) completed three experimental sessions at a 50-m indoor pool over a one(More)
he first lingual orthodontic systems, introduced in the early 1970s, used conventional labial brackets that were modified by the clini-cian and bonded directly to the lingual surfaces. Brackets designed specifically for lingual usage 1-4 were initially prone to technical problems that made them difficult to use in everyday practice. The development of(More)
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