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Organizations are adopting datawarehouses to manage information efficiently as " the " main organizational asset. It is essential that we can assure the information quality of the data warehouse, as it became the main tool for strategic decisions. Information quality depends on presentation quality and the data warehouse quality. This last includes the(More)
Although software measurement plays an increasingly important role in Software Engineering, there is no consensus yet on many of the concepts and terminology used in this field. Even worse, vocabulary conflicts and inconsistencies can be frequently found amongst the many sources and references commonly used by software measurement researchers and(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to classify the most important metrics proposed for web information systems, with the aim of offering the user a global vision of the state of the research within this area. Design/methodology/approach – WQM distinguishes three dimensions related to web features, lifecycle processes and quality characteristics. A range(More)
This paper describes a meta-modeling approach to formalize a set of metrics suited for object-relational databases. Those metrics are expected to help database designers in their activity, offering a mechanism for comparing and selecting, among possible schema designs, the one with more quality. Formalization of metrics is important for avoiding(More)
Communication is one of the main activities in software projects, many such projects fail or encounter serious problems because the stakeholders involved have different understandings of the problem domain and/or they use different terminologies. Ontologies can help to mitigate these communication problems. Calero and her coeditors mainly cover two(More)
The demand for increased software quality has resulted in quality being more of differentiator between products than it ever has been before. For this reason, software developers need objective and valid measures for use in the evaluation and improvement of product quality from the initial stages of development. Class diagrams are a key artifact in the(More)