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Seeding of tumour cells at the umbilical port during laparoscopic surgery for staging malignant disease has been reported. In this paper a 69-year-old woman is described who had umbilical metastasis after laparoscopic cholecystectomy for unsuspected gallbladder cancer. The experience of this case and that of other reports suggests that when laparoscopic(More)
We conducted a prospective trial to identify organisms colonizing the urethra and prostate and their role in the aetiology of infection after prostatectomy. Twenty-five patients were studied of whom six developed postoperative infection. The causative organisms were previously recovered from the urethra but not the prostate. There was a high rate of(More)
An epidemic of Ebola virus disease (EVD) beginning in 2013 has claimed an estimated 11 310 lives in West Africa. As the EVD epidemic subsides, it is important for all who participated in the emergency Ebola response to reflect on strengths and weaknesses of the response. Such reflections should take into account perspectives not usually included in(More)
Using a canine model we have studied the relationship between the interdigestive cycle in the small intestine, motility changes in the biliary tract and bile acid output into the duodenum from direct hepatic secretion and gallbladder emptying. Under anaesthesia catheters were inserted into the gallbladder, common bile duct and duodenum, and electrodes were(More)
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