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Computer networks and distribute systems are characterized by highly dynamic, concurrent, and complex processes. Thus, training in this area requires great effort from both teachers and learners. Teachers are disatisfied with available methods for presentation, explanation, and exercises, and they are looking for better methods to support learners. We have(More)
The success of teaching is depending on a couple of factors: on how far students are involved into lectures, on the material , its completeness and on co-learning of students. Involvement of students into lectures means, being able to follow the thoughts of the teacher, ask questions and make comments. The material must be presented in a suitable form and(More)
Im Bereich Verteilter Systeme und Rechnernetze spielen Sicher-heitsprotokolle zum Schutz von Identität und anderweitigen Ressourcen einzelner Personen eine wichtige Rolle. Um die Verständlichkeit dieser komplexen Materie in der Lehre zu erhöhen und für dieses Gebiet ein von Ort und Zeit unabhängiges Lernen zu ermöglichen, entstand eine speziell darauf(More)