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The death of massive stars – I. Observational constraints on the progenitors of Type II-P supernovae
The progenitors of many type II core-collapse supernovae have now been identified directly on pre-discovery imaging. Here we present an extensive search for the progenitors of type Ibc supernovae inExpand
The evolving relations between size, mass, surface density, and star formation in 3x10^4 galaxies since z=2
The presence of massive, compact, quiescent galaxies at z>2 presents a major challenge for theoretical models of galaxy formation and evolution. Using one of the deepest large public near-IR surveysExpand
Ionizing radiation from z=4-10 galaxies
We compute the escape of ionizing radiation from galaxies in the redshift interval z = 4-10, i.e., during and after the epoch of reionization, using a high-resolution set of galaxies, formed in fullyExpand
Theoretical light curves for deflagration models of Type Ia supernova
Aims. We present synthetic bolometric and broad-band UBVRI light curves of SNe Ia for four selected 3D deflagration models of thermonuclear supernovae. Methods. The light curves are computed with theExpand
Excitation of solar-like oscillations across the HR diagram
Aims. We extend semi-analytical computations of excitation rates for solar oscillation modes to those of other solar-like oscillating stars to compare them with recent observations Methods. NumericalExpand
European Health for All Database (HFA-DB)
HFA-DB is a central database of independent, comparable and up-to-date basic health statistics for the European Region that contains time series from 1970. Expand
Bayesian inference in threshold models using Gibbs sampling
Summary - A Bayesian analysis of a threshold model with multiple ordered categories is presented. Marginalizations are achieved by means of the Gibbs sampler. It is shown that use of dataExpand
A new method to measure the mass of galaxy clusters
The mass measurement of galaxy clusters is an important tool for the determination of cosmological parameters describing the matter and energy content of the Universe. However, the standard methodsExpand
The CORALIE survey for southern extra-solar planets. X: A Hot Jupiter orbiting HD 73256
Recent radial-velocity measurements obtained with the CORALIE spectrograph on the 1.2-m Euler Swiss telescope at La Silla unveil the presence of a new Jovian-mass Hot Jupiter around HD 73256. TheExpand
X-ray emission from haloes of simulated disc galaxies
ABSTRACT Bolometric and 0.2-2 keV X-ray luminosities of the hot gas haloes of simulated discgalaxies have been calculated at redshift z=0. The TreeSPH simulations are fullycosmological and the sampleExpand