Cookson Peter

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Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) may be used in biodiversity studies and commercial tasks like traceability, paternity testing and selection for suitable genotypes. Twenty-seven SNPs were characterized and genotyped on 250 individuals belonging to eight Italian goat breeds. Multilocus genotype data were used to infer population structure and assign(More)
Comparatively small molecules such as peptides can show a high internal mobility with transitions between several conformational minima and sometimes coupling between rotational and internal degrees of freedom. In those cases the interpretation of NMR relaxation data is difficult and the use of standard methods for structure determination is questionable.(More)
The Batinah Region of Oman consists of extensive alluvial fans incised by ephemeral streams (wadis) and accumulation of fine textured coastal soils. Soils have been cultivated near the coast for time immemorial using, formerly, traditional and, latterly, mechanized water lifting systems. Rapid agricultural expansion in since 1970 has led to widespread(More)
A relatively rapid, inexpensive, sensitive and stereospecific gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric method was developed for the quantification of S(+) and R(-)-ibuprofen in human plasma. This method uses a commercially available internal standard and has no interference from endogenous substances nor metabolites. The method involves derivatization of(More)
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