Consuelo Varinia García Mendoza

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The title complex, [Os(C6F5S)4(C18H15P)], crystallizes with three independent molecules in the asymmetric unit. Two of these have very similar conformations, while in the third, the axial thiolate ligand has a rotation that differs by ca 21.5 degrees . The coordination around the metal atom is trigonal bipyramidal and the supramolecular structure involves(More)
Reactions of OsO4 with HSR (R=C6F5, C6F4H-4,) in refluxing ethanol afford [Os(SC6F5)3(SC6F4(SC6F5)-2)] (1) and [Os(SC6F4H-4)3(SC6F3H-4-(SC6F4H-4)-2)] (2), which involve the rupture of C-F bonds. At room temperature, the compound [Os(SC6F5)3(PMe2Ph)2] or [Os(SC6F5)4(PMe2Ph)] reacts with KOH(aq) in acetone, giving rise to [(More)
a case of cholera was laboratory confi rmed in Haiti, and within 2 months, ≈120,000 cases, 60,000 hospitalizations, and 2,500 deaths were reported (1). On November 16, the fi rst laboratory-confi rmed case of cholera was reported in the Dominican Republic, a country of 10 million persons sharing the island of Hispaniola with Haiti (2). Although the(More)
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