Consuelo V David

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The objective of our study was to investigate the relationship between sonographic findings and the occurrence of abortion in pregnancies complicated by first-trimester bleeding in which fetal cardiac activity was documented upon admission. A prospective study of transvaginal sonography was performed in 270 pregnant patients with bleeding between 5 and 12(More)
Leishmaniasis is a cluster of diseases caused by protozoa in the genus Leishmania. There are three basic clinical forms: cutaneous, mucocutaneous, and visceral leishmaniasis. The present review focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cutaneous and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis. Characteristics of both the human host and the parasite species influence the(More)
A prospective cross-sectional study was performed in 248 pregnant women between 5 and 12 weeks' menstrual age with transvaginal sonography to establish biometric charts of the gestational sac, embryonic crown-rump length and biparietal diameter, amniotic sac and yolk sac to be used for assessment of gestational age and prediction of pregnancy failure.(More)
A case is reported of spinal cord compression resulting from extramedullary haemopoiesis in a patient with thalassaemia. A 28-year-old woman with beta thalassaemia intermedia presented with a two week history of paraparesis with bladder and bowel incontinence. Recovery followed laminectomy and the removal of haemopoietic tissue in the spinal epidural space.(More)
Histoplasma capsulatum and Trichosporon inkin may cause disseminated disease in immunocompromised patients. Disseminated T inkin, the causative agent of white piedra, is rare and difficult to diagnose. We report the case of a 28 year-old man with newly diagnosed HIV infection who developed asymptomatic lesions on his trunk and extremities. Histology(More)
We studied 104 patients with a total of 154 hemivertebrae which had produced scoliotic curves. Of the hemivertebrae 65% were of a fully segmented (non-incarcerated) type, 22% were semi-segmented and 12% were incarcerated. We found that the degree of scoliosis produced depended on four factors: first, the type of the hemivertebra; secondly, its site;(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to assess the accuracy of third-trimester ultrasonographic biometry in the diagnosis of small-for-gestational-age fetuses in a low-risk obstetric population. STUDY DESIGN A total of 1000 low-risk pregnancies were prospectively examined at 31 weeks' gestation. The diagnostic accuracy of the fetal abdominal circumference and(More)
Misdiagnosis of non-infectious conditions such as cellulitis is a common error and can result in unnecessary hospitalization and antibiotic use. We sought to prospectively determine the misdiagnosis rate of cellulitis among hospitalized patients and to determine if a visually-based computerized diagnostic decision support system (VCDDSS, also named(More)
A case is reported of acute osteomyelitis of the lumbar spine presenting with a psoas abscess which extended into the epidural space mimicking an epidural abscess. The patient also had severe septicaemia and a complete cauda equina lesion. The septicaemia was controlled by draining the abscess by an anterior approach to the lumbar spine. Decompression of(More)
The immunomodulatory characteristics and topical application of imiquimod (IQ), a toll-like receptor 7 agonist, have lead to extensive off-label therapeutic trials. Off-label use is not uncommon in dermatology. However, clinicians must make informed decisions to ensure safe and effective implementation when standardized protocols are lacking. We present the(More)