Consuelo Morgado

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The incidence of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli in wild and producing animals has been studied to evaluate their importance as potential reservoirs of campylobacter infection. These organisms were isolated from: 59 chicken (60.2%), 65 swine (59.1%), 31 black rats (57.4%), 61 sparrows (45.5%), 21 ducks (40.5%), 32 cows (19.5%) and 27 sheep(More)
Introduction: The retrograde axonal transport from dendrites and the axon terminal to the soma is very important mechanism for transferring contents among the different regions of the neuron. However, the correlation between tracers labeling on motoneurons with neural electrical activity is somewhat debatable. Objetives: Therefore, we used horseradish(More)
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