Consuelo Medina

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BACKGROUND Under drought, plants accumulate the signaling hormone abscisic acid (ABA), which induces the rapid closure of stomatal pores to prevent water loss. This event is trigged by a series of signals produced inside guard cells which finally reduce their turgor. Many of these events are tightly regulated at the transcriptional level, including the(More)
BACKGROUND Viral infections and their spread throughout a plant require numerous interactions between the host and the virus. While new functions of viral proteins involved in these processes have been revealed, current knowledge of host factors involved in the spread of a viral infection is still insufficient. In Arabidopsis thaliana, different ecotypes(More)
Begomovirus infection is becoming a threat in fresh-market tomato in Argentina, where mixed infections with begomoviruses are common. The complete sequence of a begomovirus isolate infecting tomato sampled in Salta was molecularly characterized. Phylogenetic analysis showed that this virus isolate is closely related to previously reported Brazilian,(More)
Citrus plants are widely cultivated around the world and, however, are one of the most salt stress sensitive crops. To improve salinity tolerance, transgenic Carrizo citrange rootstocks that overexpress glyoxalase I and glyoxalase II genes were obtained and their salt stress tolerance was evaluated. Molecular analysis showed high expression for both(More)
Begomoviruses seriously threaten tomato production in South America. Here, we present the molecular characterization of a novel tomato-infecting begomovirus isolated in Argentina and demonstrate its infectivity. After cloning and sequencing the complete genome of this new virus, pairwise genetic distance and phylogenetic analyses revealed that it is a novel(More)
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