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Optically pure (+)-nicotine has been obtained from (+/-)-nicotine using a combination of d-tartaric acid and di-p-toluoyl-l-tartaric acid. As the di-d-tartrate salt, (+)-nicotine is less potent than (-)-nicotine di-l-tartrate in producing lethality in mice, on blood pressure in anesthetized rats, and in the isolated guinea-pig ileum, indicating substantial(More)
Information related to adverse drug effects caused by ocular medications and ocular adverse effects of systemically administered drugs has increased over the last several decades. Here we review the medical literature over the last four decades to both quantitatively and qualitatively determine the adverse effects of ocular drugs and ocular toxicity of(More)
BACKGROUND Insufficient knowledge of patients about oral anticoagulants that they have been prescribed is recognized as a risk factor for adverse effects. Education of patients under oral anticoagulation may improve quality and control of anticoagulant treatment; limitations of educational interventions include lack of assessment of patients' knowledge. Our(More)
In higher education, learning variables are critical for professional activity and they should be properly assessed. Therefore, adequacy of evaluation instruments is very important. Consistency of an exam is one characteristic frequently studied to determine exam reliability. The subject of this study is a Pharmacology test of 70 items, taken by 849 medical(More)
This paper reviews different strategies to improve medical prescription. Medical schools, responsible for the education and updating of physicians, should strengthen educative strategies, both curricular and extracurricular. They must also support managerial and regulatory strategies in collaboration with institutions that provide health services and(More)
Brains of mice pretreated with saline or 40 micrograms of acetylcholine (ACh) i.c.v. were fractionated according to published procedures. The fractions yielded four peaks of inhibitory activity in the radioreceptor assay. Intraventricular ACh decreased the inhibitory activity of peak I (fractions 10-19), increased that of peak II (fractions 20-24) and peak(More)
Teachers and researchers are valuable resources of universities. A healthy life style includes appropriate utilization of medicines. In this work we explore health status and medicine consumption among a sample of academic employees over 40 years of age at a Mexican university. We analyzed answers to an on line survey in a random sample of academic(More)
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