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Aerobiological analysis of Olea europaea L. pollen in different localities of southern Spain. Forecasting models. – Grana 42: 234–243. ISSN 0017-3134. Pollen from olive trees (Olea europaea L.) is one of the main airborne allergens of the Mediterranean region. We have performed a comparative analysis of the behaviour of Olea pollen in the atmosphere at(More)
Forecasting airborne pollen concentrations is one of the most studied topics in aerobiology, due to its crucial application to allergol-ogy. The most used tools for this problem are single lineal regressions and autoregressive models (ARIMA). Notwithstanding, few works have used more sophisticated tools based in Artificial Intelligence, as are neural or(More)
Olive oil is a major economic resource of the Mediterranean region. Olive crop management can be improved by models that forecast the variable reproductive biology of olive tree. However, the processes controlling olive harvest are complex on large scales. Here, we study the parameters that influence olive fruit production for developing accurate(More)
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