Constanze Niess

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AIM The stimulating herbal drug khat is habitually used in East Africa and the Arabian peninsula but is also imported into other countries. The aim was to study the pharmacokinetics of its alkaloids cathinone, cathine and norephedrine. METHODS Four volunteers chewed khat leaves in an amount equivalent to one-quarter of that used in a typical khat session.(More)
Forensic entomology (FE) is increasingly gaining international recognition. In Germany, however, the development of FE has been stagnating, mainly because of the lack of cooperation between police, forensic medicine and entomology. In 1997 a co-operative research project 'Forensic Entomology' was started in Frankfurt/Main at the Center of Legal Medicine and(More)
Diffuse axonal injury (DAI) is considered to be the morphological correlate of traumatic brain injury as seen in acceleration/deceleration trauma and is believed to be the main cause for a poor clinical outcome in the absence of detectable intracranial lesions. To estimate the overall incidence of DAI, and since most changes are only seen microscopically to(More)
Strontium90 (Sr90) is an artificial nuclear fission product of the atmospheric a-bomb testing between 1945 and 1979. It was spread throughout the atmosphere in the following years. Sr90 is an analogue to calcium and therefore enriched in human bones. Several studies especially in the 1960s and 1970s were undertaken to investigate the Sr90 burden and the(More)
Die vordere Kreuzbandruptur stellt bei einem aktiven Menschen eine eindeutige Indikation zur Durchführung einer Ersatzplastik dar. Neben der operativen Versorgung über eine Miniarthrotomie kommen heute arthroskopische oder endoskopisch assistierte Verfahren zur Anwendung. Kontrovers wird u. a. die Transplantatwahl, die Befestigung oder die Vorspannung(More)
122 Kniegelenkpräparate wurden auf Inzidenz und anatomische Charakterisika der meniskofemoralen Ligamente (MFL) Humphry und Wrisberg untersucht. In 96% der Knie konnten die Bänder gesehen werden, ihr Auftreten zeigte sich unabhängig von Alter, Geschlecht und Seitigkeit. Auch die Maße der knöchernen Strukturen, die ventrale und dorsale Notch sowie die(More)
This study was designed to search for the expression of the small-molecular-weight GTP-binding protein rab3a in endocrine pancreatic cell lines. Total RNA was isolated from five different cell lines (RINm5F, RIN 104836, beta-TC1, HIT-15, and INRI-G9) and from whole rat brain. The expression of rab3a was analyzed by Northern blots. Similar as in brain two(More)
Durch Zugfestigkeitsuntersuchungen am vorderen und hinteren Kreuzband unter Berücksichtigung von Alter und Immobilisationsdauer wurde ein deutlich höherer Einfluß der prämortalen Immobilisationsdauer auf die biomechanischen Eigenschaften nachgewiesen. Entsprechende Untersuchungen für das mittlere Patellarsehnendrittel liegen nicht vor. Dieses(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Angel's trumpet (Species Brugmansia) is widely used as a garden plant because it is easily kept and the luxuriance of its flowering. Belonging to the Family Solanacea it contains a large amount of alkaloids (parasympatholytics). Because of its hallucinogenic action, its leaves and flowers are increasingly used by young people as a(More)
During a violent conflict, a young man was shot dead in front of a bar. The offender stated that he had acted in self defence after having been attacked with a knife. Taking into account the testimonies, the medical findings (f. ex. sonotomogram of the left femur) as well as the crime scene regarding the position of the body, it could not be excluded from(More)