Constanze Hägele

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Most associate liquid crystals with their everyday use in laptop computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, and other electronic devices. However, in contrast to their rodlike (calamitic) counterparts, first described in 1907 by Vorländer, disklike (discotic, columnar) liquid crystals, which were discovered in 1977 by Chandrasekhar et al., offer further(More)
Unsymmetrical benzo[15]crown-5 ethers 5 with one lateral ortho-terphenyl unit bearing alkoxy side chains of varying chain lengths (C5-C14) were prepared from 3,4-dialkoxyphenylbromides 2. Complexation with metal salts MX (M = Na, Cs) afforded the corresponding derivatives MX5. The uncomplexed crown ethers 5 h and 5 i, with dodecyloxy and tetradecyloxy side(More)
Rather uncommon but pronounced odd-even effects in the clearing temperatures of liquid crystals are found for three new homologous series of discotic tetraphenylenes [figure: see text]. Detailed similarities to the well-known odd-even effects in calmitic mesogens point towards a more general understanding of odd-even effects in liquid crystals.The phase(More)
Tetraphenylenes 2 with eight peripheral gallic esters were prepared in two steps from octamethoxytetraphenylene 1 in 19-72% yield. Investigation of the mesomorphic properties of 2 by DSC, POM and X-ray diffraction revealed that derivatives 2a-d with short alkoxy chain lengths (C(5)-C(8)) did not show any mesomorphic properties, whereas compounds 2e-i with(More)
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