Constanze Frank

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Human and mouse studies indicate distinct roles of selected chemokines for monocyte subset attraction. We therefore analyzed the still unknown sensitivity and response of bovine monocyte subsets toward two monocyte-attracting chemokines (CCL2, CCL5). Only CCL5 induced a significant Ca(2+)influx and migration response in bovine monocytes, with classical and(More)
The functional phenotype of resident macrophages significantly determines the character of an inflammatory response. In this study we identified two phenotypes of tissue macrophages in bovine teat tissue based on expression of Calprotectin and CD163. To investigate a possible link between the dichotomy in phenotype and functional properties of cells in(More)
Die Behandlung von Verbrennungen unterliegt heute einem definierten Management: Verbrennungsausmaß und -tiefe sind entscheidend für die Wahl der Therapiemethode (ambulant, stationär, Verbrennungszentrum). Die offene oder geschlossene Wundbehandlung mit verschiedenen Wundverbänden in Kombination mit primär-chirurgischen Maßnahmen hat die(More)
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