Constanze Adler

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Acknowledgements At this point, I would like to thank Christian Kästner for advising this thesis. Thank you for the discussions about this topic and helpful suggestions. Special thanks for reading all the drafts of this thesis and the critical view, which helped to improve this thesis. I would like to thank my fellow student Christian Becker for the(More)
BACKGROUND Specific curricula for professionals working in various settings with persons with dementia have been developed and implemented into practice. In this study, the practical relevance of a teaching program for the M.A.S (Morbus Alzheimer syndrome) dementia trainer was evaluated. The curriculum was developed in 2002 within a scientific project. The(More)
The effects of chronical strains on physical or psychological health are subject of this paper. Stress-related symptoms of family caregivers of dementia patients have been proven in various studies. For this group of people an analysis of the health risk factors is regarded as to be especially important. Diary investigations allow to identify the individual(More)
The care of elderly relatives with dementia is not any longer a job exclusively done by women nevertheless the care for three quarters of patients is mainly provided by women. This study comprises 70 persons consulting the "Alzheimer Advice Centre" in Leipzig. The aim was to examine the difference between nursing men and women with regard to the way they(More)
The increasing interest in research on burden and health risks of family caregivers was furthered by the increasing prevalence rate of dementias in the elderly and by the fact that 80-90% of the demented are cared for by near family members. The present paper presents some results of a study investigating stress-related symptoms of family caregivers. From a(More)