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In this Letter we present an experimental analysis of the acoustic transmission of a two-dimensional periodic array of rigid cylinders in air with two different geometrical configurations: square and triangular. In both configurations, and above a certain filling fraction, we observe an overlap, in the range of the audible frequencies, between the(More)
Both neural development and prefrontal cortex function are known to be abnormal in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In order to test the hypothesis that these features may be related with genes that regulate neuronal migration, we analyzed two genomic regions: the lissencephaly critical region (chromosome 17p) encompassing the LIS1 gene and which is(More)
Although ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease have been known for a long time, the etiology is still unknown, and at times it is difficult to distinguish one from the other. In addition, the characteristics of the disease make their epidemiologic study difficult. We have reviewed 70 cases with the diagnosis of Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, and(More)
Trypsin in duodenal aspirate and pure pancreatic juice samples has been measured by both radioimmunoassay and enzymatic mathods. The radioimmunossay has been shown to be specific and to detect trypsin in the presence of aprotinin (Trasylol). In duodenal juice samples from control subjects and from patients with primary biliary cirrhosis a good correlation(More)
We show that a sonic crystal made of periodic distributions of rigid cylinders in air acts as a new material which allows the construction of refractive acoustic devices for airborne sound. It is demonstrated that, in the long-wave regime, the crystal has low impedance and the sound is transmitted at subsonic velocities. Here, the fabrication and(More)
We show that absolute sonic band gaps produced by two-dimensional square and triangular lattices of rigid cylinders in air can be increased by reducing the structure symmetry. In the case of square lattices, symmetry reduction is achieved by a smaller diameter cylinder placed at the center of each unit cell. For triangular lattices the reduction is achieved(More)
An analysis of the reflectance of sonic band-gap crystals consisting of square arrays of rigid cylinders in air is presented. The standing wave formed in front of the structures is studied both experimentally and theoretically. Experiments have been performed with a mobile robotized microphone that obtains pressure maps on the plane perpendicular to the(More)
A Peruvian population was identified that was chronically exposed to methylmercury from the long-term consumption of ocean fish. The weekly fish intake averaged 10.1 kg per average family of 6.2 persons. Blood methylmercury concentrations ranged from 11 to 275 ng/ml, with a mean of 82 ng/ml. Paresthesias were reported by 29.5% of the population. In(More)
The lensing capabilities of a single subwavelength slit surrounded by a finite array of grooves milled into a brass plate is presented. The modulation of the beam intensity of this ultrasonic lens can be adjusted by varying the groove depth. Numerical simulations as well as experimental validations at 290 kHz are shown. The experimental results are in good(More)
Underwater ultrasonic transmissions for fluid-solid and air-solid phononic brass plates are reported in this work. Although the structure is roughly the same, experimental results show very different behaviour between fluid-solid and air-solid phononic plates, due to most of the properties of the fluid-solid perforated plates rely on Fabry-Perot resonances,(More)